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Part 141 vs. Part 61 training - Private Pilot license

I was trained in part 141 and part 61 for the private pilot license, and I would like to share some of my thoughts on the difference between all of the choices when choosing fly school. Part 141 is really not for me. It required more commitment, mostly for full-time pilot students. The pros of part 141, your minimum flight time requirement is 35 hours, solo time 5 hours compare with part 61, which requires 40 hours and 10 hours solo time. If you think about that, you need to build 1500 hours anyway to get to the airline, so the hours is still yours, and to be fair, unless you are really really good, I barely see pilot get their private license at 35 hours. The advantage of part 141 is you can easily get a loan to support your dream. Also, some school offers you to work for them and give you reimbursement. The cost of each hour fly under part 141 is 270 in 2020; another convenient is you can take the written test at your school. Those flight schools are usually located at a busy airport. Therefore you have a chance to work on your radio skill. However, the downside of that is you spend a lot of time on the ground instead of in the sky. Getting the private pilot license is the biggest step in the pilot journey, and this part usually takes the most time in all our ratings. The pilot student usually needs to wait for good weather and daylight to learn a lot of maneuvers. I was a part-time student. Therefore part 141 is challenging for me; when I have time, the weather may not good. In my opinion, part 61 is a lot of fun and useful for me. First, the cost is absolutely cheaper, run around 170 to 210, depending on your instructor experience. Second, the airport usually very quiet, you spend a lot of flying time instead of on the ground. Third, I love this the most; you can find the instructor, a local pilot, an experienced airline pilot, a retired pilot, and an instructor who is dedicated to teaching and making it their career. They do not need to build time anymore. Those are the best; you get to think like an airline pilot, do the flow; I have instructor who made me a checklist sheet just like American Airlines, and each time I fly, I feel I am an airline pilot. In addition, you can talk about their career path, learn how they get there, nothing better than the real experience. I actually Ace my oral check-ride. I have 200 hours of flight time now. I enjoy it every day. I would love to send my best regard to all of my mentors and my flight instructors.

This is just my personal experience; there is no right or wrong. I hope some can give me feedback, how you think.

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